The future of the black economy.

We connect black students, professionals and businesses across the UK to collaborate, gain opportunities and celebrate culture.

Get on the grid

A network of talent, making tangible change.

By leveraging our economic resources and collaborating, we can enable growth in the community.


Develop personal skills and find internships and career experience at forward-thinking companies.


Find jobs, freelance projects and opportunities at inclusive employers and black-owned businesses.


Access advice and funding from diverse investors. Find and utilise skills from our dynamic talent pool.

The platform.

Blkgrid has several arms that work in-hand towards our mission. See how life on the grid can support you and the bigger goal.


A social club and safe space where you can network, skill-share and collaborate with other like-minded black individuals across the UK.


Providing black professionals with a platform to acquire job opportunities in inclusive and diverse environments.


Showcasing unsung heroes and keeping you in tune with the community. Surface is a multimedia platform which brings you engaging audio and video content.


Our charitable arm; donate, plan and execute projects that target societal issues that affect black communities.

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